The cover for my short story – When Ardo Met Ozzy

The cover for my short story - When Ardo Met Ozzy

When Ardo Met Ozzy is a very short promo story.

Like all of my short promo stories, it links in with my two novels Echoes of a Storm and Scions of the Storm. However, can be read as a standalone story.

When Ardo Met Ozzy features Ardo. For those of you who don’t know who Ardo is, I have put a quick pen picture below.

Ardo is a large four-legged invisible creature. He is owned, if that is the correct word, by Twever, whom Ardo likes to call “the Idiot”. Since no one except Twever (and one other person) can see Ardo, there is some debate as to what type of creature he is. Some people think he is dog, while others say he is more cat-like. When asked, Twever just says, “He looks like an Ardo!!”

Ardo’s hobbies are: getting his ear scratched as much as possible, watching people have sex – he likes the faces they make – and killing small fluffy woodland creatures.

The book is very much a nod and a wink at wildlife/ nature programmes and certain popular erotic novels.


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