A list of My Current Novels/Stories

All my work is available from Amazon – To find it, simply type the following into the Amazon search engine “The storm series alan scott” and press Go.

 Kindle versions of all my books are available in USA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil UK, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, India and Australia.

While, unfortunately, paperback is only available in the USA and Europe.

 The Storm Series Trilogy – The Novels

 1.  Echoes of a Storm (Book one of the Storm Series)

2.  Scions of the Storm (Book two of the Storm Series)

3. A Dark and Hungry Storm (Book three of the Storm Series)

 The Storm Series – Books of Short Stories.

    1. Stories for a Storm Filled Night (9 stories)

    2. Tales of Solomon Pace (8 stories)

    3. The Moonlight Dance (3 Stories)

 Promo releases

    1.  Tea – Taken from ‘Stories for a Storm Filled Night’.

    2.  The Black Blade – Taken from ‘Tales of Solomon Pace’


The Y Front Saga (Sci fi series)

 The Y Front Chronicles – Part One

Please note to easily find the Y Front Chronicles on Amazon you need to search for  Y front chronicles Alan Scott

 I also have a number of stories on Readwave.com. These are free to read and my home page is http://www.readwave.com/alan.scott.14/



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