That’s Another Short Story Finished

Well that’s another short story finished for my third book of short stories. Its called “The Guardian” and it is currently being proof read

I  was originally going to call the new book of short stories “Tales for the Year of Blood” but a strong theme has started to appear in the all the short stories so far that makes that title redundant.

I was thinking of changing the title to “Tales of Deviancy and Salvation” but the title is to long for Amazon. I had terrible trouble with “Tales for a Storm Filled Night” as the title was to long in the end I had to shorten it to “A Storm Filled Night” or it would not show on UK Amazon

Mmm, maybe I will just have to go for Deviancy and Salvation!! Anyway, I have plenty of time to decide as I’ve only written 3 or the 8 stories so far.

Oh yes , some good news I have sold a kindle version of “Echoes of a Storm” in France (in English) which I am very pleased about : ) As I can know say I have sold in UK, USA, Germany and France lol.

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