A Small Rant – About trying to getting a review on Amazon

For us self publishing authors on Amazon, reviews are vitally important, as they help us promote our books to readers, let’s face it we all have chosen or rejected buying books (or other items) because of reviews.

I have placed a number of my books on “Free” Promotion over the years  in the hope of two things:

1. To get reviews

2. If liked, people may buy other of my works.

I can tell you the ratio of reviews to books sold or given away free is rubbish. Luckily, the few reviews I have had, are very good (only one bad one). I just wish people would help support us independent self publishing authors by writing a review, if they download the story for free.

So a massive pleas to everyone who reads this and enjoys reading – If you download or read a self publishing authors work, please leave an honest review.

You don’t have to write a 5000 word essay in the reason why bit.  Just a few words and the number of stars you would give.

I know it takes time and you never know quite what to say (I have the same problem when I leave feedback) but it can make a huge difference to us.

Thank you for taking time to read my mini rant : )




3 comments on “A Small Rant – About trying to getting a review on Amazon

  1. Lisa says:

    I admit, I am just about the most remiss about leaving reviews. As much as I read, Amazon should be filled with my opinions – about your books, especially 🙂 Sorry, Alan.

  2. I agree every bit. I’ve left many a review of works I’ve read for free on Smashwords. It is so true what you say, most don’t leave any kind of a review. Part of it, I’m sure, is out of sight out of mind. Once the ebook is in the ereader one hardly wants to go back and leave a review. I would also add…if you are a reviewer…be kind…especially if you obtained the work for free.

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