Just Had My Second Bad Review

Just Had My Second Bad Review

I have always try and be 100% honest, so to balance all the good reviews (which I am always happy to post up) I have just had my second bad review.

It was on Goodreads and was for “Tales for a storm filled night” a lady gave it 2 out of 5, there was no written review for why she thought it was only worth 2.

How do I feel about it? To be honest – everyone is entitled to their own opinion and as long as it was an honest review. Then I don’t have a problem with it.

When you create anything, be it a book or a picture or a sculpture and you show it to the world then there will be people who like it, are indifferent to it or hate it. That’s just life : ) All you can do is hope more people like your work than don’t.

However, saying that there are people who criticise and belittle everything, just to make themselves feel important or good. You know the types – the ones that talk the talk but can’t actually do anything. Well they make me laugh and smile. Why? Because they are just not worth the effort of worrying about.



2 comments on “Just Had My Second Bad Review

  1. Harliqueen says:

    It is hard to take bad reviews, it can feel like a wound after you put so much heart and soul into a work. But, you got to pick yourself up and keep going! Reviews can be bad AND good, and some people just don’t get on with some types of books, whilst others find them the best thing since sliced bread. It is sometimes just down to people’s personal taste and nothing you do or write will change it 🙂

    • alankscott says:

      Hi Harliqueen, thank you for your very kind words : ) I must admit i have been very lucky so far with my reviews, i’ve had over 30 reviews and only two too bad ones, so still building up the “Rhino skin”. Alan

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