The Importance of an Excellent Proof Reader

I’ve been merrily writing away for a couple of years now and I’ve been lucky enough to have a little bit of success (Worldreader, Readwave, over 5’000 download, etc) all of which would not come about without the help of a great proof reader.

 If I had to give one piece of advice to any self-publishing author, it would be – get yourself a good proof reader. They are worth their weight in gold.

 So what makes an excellent proof reader? Well for me it’s the following:


  1. Someone with an excellent command of the English language (or the language you write in)
  2. Someone you trust.
  3. Someone who will give you honest feedback – including – that’s a load of rubbish.
  4. Someone who enjoys reading the genre in which you write


I was very lucky in finding a lady called Lisa, who proof reads all my work (though occasionally I do manage to slip a posting on various sights unproof read lol).

 Lisa has a very difficult job as she in an American who lives in Texas, and is proof reading work by a dyslexic Scot who writes in UK English.  How she manages to do what she does, to the very highest standard, I will never now.

 For me Lisa meets all the requirements for an excellent Proof Reader. Because:


  1. She has an excellent command of the English language
  2. I trust her 100% with my work
  3. She is always totally honest with her feedback  (trust me she is extremely honest)
  4. She enjoys the genre in which I write

As most of you will have guessed, this post is really just to say thank you to Lisa for all her hard work and to let her know it’s greatly appreciated.

Thank you : )



3 comments on “The Importance of an Excellent Proof Reader

  1. Harliqueen says:

    Great post and very true. One of my proof readers (I’m lucky to have 3) is also an American male who slogs through my romances 😀 It’s great though to have an American read my UK writing, he can spot all the bits that sound awkward.

  2. Lisa W. from Texas says:

    Buttering up the help? lol I see a lot of work in my near future 😀

    I find things I’ve missed every time you publish, although, as is your right, sometimes you publish without me, and it sets off my OCD (bless your heart). I seldom edit – your words are your own; I mainly just fix punctuation, capitalization, spelling, homonyms, etc. – things that distract a reader. I want everyone to see your characters and their stories in the worlds you create so they can love them, too.

    Your trust and praise are valued and appreciated. I thank you for your sweet words and kindnesses expressed here and in other posts. You can trust that I will continue to give my opinion, for what it’s worth, or ‘suggest’ an edit – yep, that’s what I call it. 😉 and I will never ask for my weight in gold. Please just keep writing so I can find out what happens next.

    You’re welcome,

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