Scions of the Storm – Thoughts on the writing off.

Scions of the Storm

Warning: contains spoilers

I will confess now, I never thought I would write a second book. I thought I would write Echoes, it would sell five copies, and that would be that. Yes, I had left some plotlines open, just in case, and yes, I did know how they would end, but that was just in my head. I never thought I would write them down.

However, over the course of a month’s worth of bus journeys to and from work (each journey was about an hour), I started to piece together the plotlines for Scions and, with the growing need to write again (yes, I had caught the writing bug), I started to put pen to paper.

With Scions, I wanted to write a different kind of story. I wanted one that would be grander and bigger in scope. There are a lot more characters and locations, and you get the feeling of a bigger world and bigger politics.

Scions is all about the rise of the Midnight Man, the fulfilment of the Prophecy, and the discovery that there are two power forces hiding in the shadows, manipulating everything – those across the water and those across the sand.

With Nathanial being banished to the sidelines for most the book, I needed a new leading man – so step forward (ta-da!) Twever the Magnificent! And his invisible pet, Ardo! I am extremely proud of the Twever/Katrina storyline and, for me, personally, it is the best storyline I have written to date.

I would say that Scions is the darkest of the trilogy and has the most bittersweet storylines, including the breakdown of Karl and Kathleen’s marriage, which ultimately leads to both their deaths. As for the ending, well, it ties up everything, nicely.

It’s confession time, again! In the back of my mind, I knew I wanted to write a trilogy, but I was unsure if I could do it. Also, quite a few copies of Echoes had been downloaded, and I did not want people to be disappointed or feel let down if I failed to provide a third book. That is why Scions ends the way it does. You can read Echoes and Scions, and feel a sense of completion. The foretold Prophesy has come true and almost everything is tied up, nicely…

… almost! I do love that word; it allows you to add something else, if need be, and in this case, it was the third and final book in the trilogy – ‘A Dark and Hungry Storm’.

2 comments on “Scions of the Storm – Thoughts on the writing off.

  1. Harliqueen says:

    If you’re feeling more than one book, than go for it! Bus journeys and car journeys I find are sometimes the best places for planning out stories 😀

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