The cover for Tea II


Tea II concludes the story of Shadow Killer (Werewolf) and his unusual, and platonic friendship with an old man called Samuel (A Tailor). The tale is set exactly one year after ‘Tea’, on the coldest and darkest night of winter, and by the end of the night their relationship will have changed forever.

 I’ve written this story to say thank you to all those people around the world who downloaded ‘Tea’.  ‘Tea’ It is by far my most successful short story with over 800 downloads across the world, and when on promotion constantly makes it into the top 10 of gay fiction

Both short stories (Tea and Tea II) are set within the dark fantasy world of The Storm Series Trilogy and can be read in conjunction with the trilogy, to obtain extra background information, or alone just as two short stories.

Tea II will be available from Amazon from Sat 1 Mar 14

2 comments on “The cover for Tea II

  1. Lisa W says:

    Love the cover! And, of course, Tea is successful! I would expect no less of Samuel & Shadow Killer. Tea II will do well 🙂

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