Sometimes you just have to write!

I don’t know if any other author out there has mad moments! But I had one yesterday.

 I was talking to Lisa W a couple of weeks ago about writing a second trilogy to follow on from the Storm Series, various suggestions were made and ideas brought up and that was that.

 Or so I thought.

Yesterday (at work) I started typing and the words just flowed (luckily it was a quiet day) and 1’000 words just appeared. However, as is my way of writing, I’ve written the end of the trilogy first .

So I now have the last 1’000 odd words of a trilogy written, I suppose I had better start thinking about plotlines and for the first book now lol

Has anyone else ever had that happen to them?



2 comments on “Sometimes you just have to write!

  1. Harliqueen says:

    I always seem to write the end of my stories too 😀 There are just some days when you get and idea and you just have to get it down and think about the rest later. That’s how Tolkien started, right?

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