Opening Paragraphs – Do they make or break stories?

I was once told that the opening paragraph of your story is the most important one you will write, as it will either entice the reader in the world you are creating, or lose them and they will wander off.

Below are my opening paragraphs for each of my books in the Storm Series Trilogy

Echoes of a Storm

Her softly falling tears echoed the rain as she watched him walk away. He did not cry, but then, his life had made him forget how. So, in the gentle rain, just past midnight, she found herself crying for a man – a fool – who could not.

Scions of the Storm

The creature slowly dragged itself out of the cold dark waters where it had hidden for the past two days and nights. Badly hurt, it had needed time to recover and a place to hide from the hunters. The cold water had sapped its strength and drained it of its ability to heal quickly, hence, the now desperate need to gain dry land. Dry land! With the rain falling from black heavy rain clouds, which hid the moon, the land could hardly be called ‘dry’. A gentle smile spread across its lips at the irony.

A Dark and Hungry Storm

Rebecca stood on the castle battlements looking down at the badly damaged city of Deep Lake. Barely a fifth of the city was untouched after the final battle which had claimed her mother, Queen Kathleen Rothgal. To the north, funeral pyres still smouldered, stark testament to the huge losses the city had taken during the siege.

I have to admit the opening paragraph to ‘Echoes of a Storm’ I’m particularly proud of : )

Do you agree with me, and think that the opening paragraph is the most important? Also, what is your favourite opening paragraph from any book that you have written or read?


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