Results of Free Promotion of ‘Tea II’ on Amazon

In the five days ‘Tea II’ was on free promotion it was downloaded 224 times around the world (I was willing it to reach the 250 lol), the breakdown is as follows:

USA – 151 times

UK – 42 Times

Germany – 22 times

Brazil – 3 times

Canada – 2 times

France – 2 times

Italy – once

India – once

Not only that, but I got six sales off the back of the promotion and 2 good reviews. So I’m counting it a success : )

As a self publisher, the hardest thing i have found is publicizing your work – For ‘Tea II’ I used the following:

Facebook – My authors page (echoesofastorm) 2279 followers but only about 250 active

Facebook – my Private page – asking people to share post

Twitter – I only have 8 followers : )


If anyone knows of other places i would love to hear from you

On a side note – I have found, from experience, that the best days for promoting your books on Amazon is Thu to Mon


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