The Y Front Standoff – Did not go quite so well

Well the results of the free promotion for ‘The Y Front Standoff’ did not go quite so well.


USA =45

UK= 13

Germany = 3

India = 1

Canada = 3


Total = 65


There could be many reasons for the poor showing – I normally write fantasy and this is Sci -fi, the writing style is very different, the humour is quirky, maybe the title puts people off or maybe it’s just a terrible story!!!!

Whatever the reason, I’ll just have to accept the results, and wait to see if anyone puts constructive and sensible feedback on Goodreads, Amazon or here which might shine a light on the poor performance.




4 comments on “The Y Front Standoff – Did not go quite so well

  1. lisawolverton1 says:

    I knew what this post said from facebook, but the text is showing to be black on black. I had to highlight it to read it. The heading shows up fine.
    I’m sorry your book didn’t do as well as you wished 😦

  2. Harliqueen says:

    I’d say 65 isn’t bad! 😀

    • alankscott says:

      I know : ) but I have nothing to measure it against. As far as I am aware I’m the only self publisher that actual posts his sales / promo figures (good or bad) 🙂

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