Kirkus Indie Review – Is it worth it?

I was looking on Createspace (a sub company of Amazon) and I came across the following advert from Kirkus –

Receive an honest review of your book from an industry professional at Kirkus Reviews, an established brand in book reviews.

Price: $425.00 – Standard Review (10 weeks) $575.00 – Express Review (5 weeks)

How It Works

With the Kirkus Indie Review Service, we’ll take care of all the details of obtaining a review.

We’ll provide your book files directly to Kirkus Reviews, and a Kirkus professional will write an honest, impartial review of your work. Within ten weeks you will receive your final Kirkus Indie review. You make the final determination on whether your review is featured on the Kirkus Reviews website.

If you choose to publish your review on the Kirkus website, you can include it on your book’s cover and other promotional materials.

My question is simply this – Is it worth it?



Does Writing Affect You Reading?

As writers we cannot help but be influenced by the world around us, in fact our books would be very boring and bland if they did not reflect the word around us.

For me, the biggest influences on my writing are:

My Imagination


My own life experience


When I mix all four influences together and put pen to paper, that is when my stories start to take shape and the chapters flow.

However, when I write I stay far away from any books/poems/ short stories, as I do not want to be influenced by another writer; I do not want their storyline or plot getting added to my mix of influences.

When I finish a chapter or short story, I don’t want to read it and think that sounds just like how “Mr X” would write it, or think “That is a plot taken straight out of Ms Y book”

As for films, well yes they have plots and storylines but if you think of a truly fantastic film, say – The Good, The Bad and the Ugly. There is surprisingly little dialogue for a film of its length, but the set pieces are breath taking, the atmosphere created by the camera panning from one character to another characters face is simply majestic, and finally the characters are extremely well developed.

It’s those qualities I want to bring to my work.

Anyway, I was wondering does anyone else actively avoid being influenced when they write, or am I the only mad person lol : )


Why publisher Mills & Boon is romancing the mobile app

Romantic fiction publisher Mills & Boon has caused a stir in the publishing industry by creating its own app for reading ebooks.

The ebook market is currently dominated by digital superstores run by the likes of Amazon, Kobo and Apple. They take a percentage of the profits each time a book is downloaded.

Mills & Boon has created its own app reader to streamline the process from publisher to reader. It is hoping that a rise in the number of people reading ebooks on smartphones and tablets – as opposed to dedicated e-readers like Kindle – will make their gamble pay off.

But will they be successful, and will other publishers follow suit?


The Y front Chronicles – is on Free Promotion on Amazon

Just a quick post to say that my ebook – “The Y Front Chronicles” is on free promotion on Amazon.

The chronicles is written in a diary format (which is a nightmare for plot advancement) and came about as a series of short stories which I wrote for the Readwave website.

If you do download the story, could I kindly ask you to leave honest feedback on Amazon. Also feel free to let me know on WordPress what you think.