My Annual Report – By a Self Publishing Author

I did this last year and thought I would do it again. It’s basically how well I have done in terms of downloads my novels and stories have done.

First of all, to set the scene:

  1. I self publish through Amazon both with ebooks and Paperback
  2. The definition of a download is – either free promotion, a sale or when someone has downloaded via Amazon Prime.
  3. All figures taken from Amazon reports
  4. The time frame is 1 Apr 13 to 31 Mar 14
  5. All novels are written in English
  6. Advertising is done via Amazon, Facebook, My own website, twitter and WordPress
  7. I don’t know if the following figures are good or bad as I don’t know of any other self publisher that does this!

    Downloads across the world

USA 1874
UK 449
Germany 188
Canada 42
Japan 23
France 14
Italy 9
Brazil 8
Spain 4
Australia 4
India 4
Mexico 1
Total 2620

This is fairly similar to last year’s totals. I have also sold a total of 48 paperbacks

Most Successful Novel in terms of Downloads

Scions of the Storm (the second book in the trilogy) with 323 downloads across the world

Most Successful Short Story in terms of Downloads

Tea with 409 downloads across the world. In fact Tea has been downloaded in every single country in the above list except Australia.

Tea was also, for 4 days in Nov 13, held the No. 1 position in Free > Fiction > Short Stories in Japan (sold through Amazon)

My favourite Cover This Year.

It has to be the cover of ‘The Moonlight Dance’. What Saskia created was simply beautiful. If you have not seen it click on the link below (Amazon UK) click on the cover  and it will enlarge.

Biggest Change of the Year

As you know I write dark adult fantasy novels, so it was a bit of a change to write two Sci-fi books: ‘The Y Front Chronicles’ and ‘The Y Front Stand Off’.

They have not taken off as well as the Fantasy books, but they are quite…different! Both in the way they are written and the humour than the Fantasy ones. However, there is more of ‘me’ in these books than any of my other novels or stories.

Biggest disappointment of the year

The lack of reviews left compared to downloads. I really tried to push the “Please leave a review – good or bad” message and it basically fell flat on its face.

I really don’t know what else to do, and of course you cannot force people to leave reviews.

Challenge for this year

Attempt to increase actual sales by 50% via advertising. Fingers crossed it goes better than increase reviews did lol.


Overall I am happy with this year. I completed my trilogy, self published a number of books and got a (small lol) number of good reviews.

Let’s see what this year brings : )



4 comments on “My Annual Report – By a Self Publishing Author

  1. lisawolverton1 says:

    That’s so great! Well done, Alan 🙂

  2. Harliqueen says:

    It certainly seems like a big success! Well done 😀 I’m sure it’s only going to improve as well!

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