The Dreamer / The Writer

I dream during the day and at night.

I dream about men that turn into ferocious beasts and the deadly tap of a cane – of a woman standing in the rain, crying as she watches a man walk away. Why is she crying? What has he done? What has she done?

I dream about the year 3256 and a complex killer with his robotic hamster living on a starship deep in space. I can see the women, the thongs, and the deaths that fills his life.

I dream of a man at work, sitting at his desk, watching the rain flow down a windowpane whilst he is in deep thought. What is he thinking and why?

I dream of a nightclub filled with interesting people and ideas – where nothing is quite what it seems.

I dream of the Midnight Man and his Brethren of the Night.

I am a dreamer and I dream a lot, for I am a writer, and when I dream is when I go to work.


2 comments on “The Dreamer / The Writer

  1. Nice post. Our dreams become our stories, I suppose I daydream quite a lot then

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