A Good Book Needs a Good Villain – Part two

My next villain from the Storm Series Trilogy is the Midnight Man. Now is Solomon Pace is a James Bond type of Villain, then the Midnight Man is the polar opposite he is the Villain nightmares are made of.

The Midnight Man

The following extract is taken from “Scions of the Storm” and shows the Midnight Man at his worst. Please note that in the extract the Midnight Man is going by the name Tom.

“…With his hands in his pockets, Tom wandered aimlessly among the trees until he heard a ‘meow’ coming from up ahead.  Slowly and quietly, he made his way to the sound and spotted a small cat.

“Here, Puss-Puss,” Tom called, “here, Puss-Puss.”

The cat made its way to Tom and started to purr as he knelt down to scratch its ear.  Tom laughed with pleasure as the cat rubbed itself against him and flung itself on its back.

“There you go, Puss-Puss,” said Tom as he rubbed the cat’s belly.  The cat’s paws raked Tom’s hand.  Tom snatched his hand away and looked down at the cat, his face suddenly cold.  His hand was like a blur as he grabbed one of the cat’s legs and broke it.

The cat screamed in agony and tried to get away.  Tom’s hand shot out again and he broke another leg.  As he watched the cat and the great pain it was in, tears started to flow down his cheeks.  He tenderly stroked its small face with a gentle finger.  “Such pain,” he said quietly, his face a perfect picture of empathy.

“Oscar!  Oscar!”

Tom raised his head and saw two young children, a boy and a girl, coming towards him as they shouted out together, “Oscar!  Oscar!”


Tom looked down at the pain-stricken cat.  “Oscar?”

The cat gave a small and pitiful cry.

Standing, Tom brushed off his trousers and made his way towards the children with a playful smile. “Ah children; they will be much more fun that a cat,” he mused….”

So there you have it, villains love them or hate them you have to have them in a book, Otherwise who is going to make the hero look good?



7 comments on “A Good Book Needs a Good Villain – Part two

  1. Lisa W says:

    I agree. Villains are a necessary evil (sorry for the pun) and the more viscous the villain, the braver the hero has to be to overcome it. Villains may be juicier to write, but I love my heroes.

    • alankscott says:

      It al depends on the hero is it Batman or Superman?

      • Lisa W says:

        Both. They are very different – one with natural powers and works globally, the other with training and cool gadgets and works within Gotham City – but they accomplish the same thing – saving the innocent and bringing justice. The difference between heroes and villains are their choices. Batman has much in common with the villains in his tale, but he chooses to help others instead of being narcissistic. I think Solomon could have been a Batman, if not for his father.

  2. Harliqueen says:

    Villains are a strange breed, I feel like they’ve taken a turn the past couple of years and now people are liking villains more than heroes 😀 But I do have fun writing the bad guys more than the good guys at times. Great set of posts!

  3. Interesting posting, Alan. Good or bad I enjoy creating characters. Getting inside their heads. Look forward to reading more of your postings

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