Liebster Award Nominee

A huge thank you to David J Delaney (  ) for nominating me for the Liebster Award.  It came right out the blue and was a lovely surprise : )

Apparently the rules are if you have been nominated you need to:

Write 11 Random facts about myself Answer 11 questions the awarding Blogger posted for me Nominate 11 bloggers (with less then 200 followers) for the award, linking them to this post letting them know No tag backs… Like David I have not got the foggiest what a tag back is

Now, I have a slight problem I don’t follow enough people with less than 200 followers…so I’m going to peruse the world of wordpress looking for interesting people with less than 200 followers so I can nominate them.

However, I am going to do the random facts and questions now

11 Random Facts about myself

  1. I love marmite
  2. In 2000 I received An Air Officers Commanding Commendation in the New Years honours list 2000 for my work with the Royal International Air Tattoo when it was based at RAF Cottesmore (I was a serving member of the RAF at the time)
  3. I am a very good amateur cook
  4. I cannot drive
  5. Terry Waite (Terry Waite CBE is an English humanitarian and author, famous as a hostage in Lebanon 1987-91.) once asked me to pass the cornflakes to him
  6. I have watched Strictly Come Dancing since it first started and have seen it live once. I absolutely love the programme
  7. My all time favourite film is – The Usual Suspects, I must have watched it at least 200 times
  8. I lived in Berlin for 18 months
  9. Autumn is my favourite session
  10. The lady who proof reads my books lives in Texas USA and volunteered to do so because she enjoyed my stories. I wrote her a short story called “Tea” to say thank you and “Tea” is now the most popular short story I have written and was Number One English ebook in Japan (sold through Amazon) for four days.
  11. I once went out at Halloween dressed as a St Trinians schools girl complete with fishnets and short skirt (I was 20 years old at the time and me and my mates were going to the local night club) I have never had my bottom pinched so many times by woman. My bum was black and blue by the end of the night.

The 11 Questions

1. Best and worst book you ever read?

The best book I have ever read has to be “To kill a Mocking Bird” By Harper Lee and the worst book has to be “The Stranger” by French author Albert Camus

2. What is it about writing that keeps you wanting more?

I enjoy the challenge.

3. Who is your favourite author?

This is a very difficult question as I have lots of favourite authors. However my current favourite is Aaron Dembski-Bowden

4. What genre do you write?

I write dark fantasy aimed at adults (aged 25 plus) and Sci-fi.  When I say aimed at adults, I mean is that plotlines, stories and characters are aimed at adults not teenagers. However, yes, there are moments extreme violence and sexual encounters

5. How do you stop yourself procrastinating?

With great difficulty : )

6. What brings you right into a writing mood, and how do you keep it that way?

Music. I use music a lot when I write. I’ve written a blog about.

7. What do you prefer, ebook or paperback?

I know its sacrilege but ebook. I know, I know I even worked in the Library Service for 5 years but sorry I prefer the ebook format.

8. Most intense read so far whether its a book, short story or election promises from your local politician?

Stephen Donaldson’s short story “Ser-Visal’s Tale” which is from his book of short stories “Daughter of Regals” I read in it in a single sitting and immediately started to read it again. It is simple a superb and very strong story.

9.How do you note new story ideas?

I keep them in my head. I am constantly writing and re writing at least 3 stories in my head at any one time. When I have written a story down, a new one pops into my head and the process starts again.  I think that is why I’ve been able to write 3 books of short stories quite quickly.

10. Where would you like to be, writing career wise, in five years time?

I would like to be selling enough books on a regular basis, so that I can stop my current job and write full time.

11. Why do you write?

Because it’s fun. As simple as that.

Right, I’m off to look for people to nominate


4 comments on “Liebster Award Nominee

  1. Topaz says:

    Congratulations on being nominated, and very interesting questions you have for your eventual nominees! 🙂

  2. Lisa W says:

    Good luck !

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