Kirkus Indie Review – Is it worth it?

I was looking on Createspace (a sub company of Amazon) and I came across the following advert from Kirkus –

Receive an honest review of your book from an industry professional at Kirkus Reviews, an established brand in book reviews.

Price: $425.00 – Standard Review (10 weeks) $575.00 – Express Review (5 weeks)

How It Works

With the Kirkus Indie Review Service, we’ll take care of all the details of obtaining a review.

We’ll provide your book files directly to Kirkus Reviews, and a Kirkus professional will write an honest, impartial review of your work. Within ten weeks you will receive your final Kirkus Indie review. You make the final determination on whether your review is featured on the Kirkus Reviews website.

If you choose to publish your review on the Kirkus website, you can include it on your book’s cover and other promotional materials.

My question is simply this – Is it worth it?



4 comments on “Kirkus Indie Review – Is it worth it?

  1. Lisa W says:

    Hmmm. I would think, if you choose to spend money, a professional edit (I seldom edit – just proof) or advertizing would be more advantageous. I’m not an author, so I can only give an opinion on what draws my attention as a reader. An ad is what brought me to your books. Reviews are helpful for authors, good or bad, but.they don’t really get the book noticed by the reading public. I seldom use reviews to sway my decision on whether or not to buy a book. If it looks interesting, I get it.

  2. I would say never pay for a review. Edit yes, review no. Just my take. I’ve seen the Kirkus website also…too expensive.

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