Spot Light on – The Moonlight Dance.

The Moonlight Dance is one of my favourite books that I have released, as for me it embraces everything about writing:

  1. It contains three short stories, each one can be read individually but together they make a complete story.
  2. The Hero, is actually my main villain, but after reading the stories you will see him in a different life.
  3. The book is very muchdark fantasy and is very much aimed at adults. No teenage drama  here.
  4. Each story came about because of a song I heard from the ‘Dark Country’ Album and each story is named after the track that partly inspired it
  5. I think that the cover Saskia created is one of the best she has ever done for me .
  6. The price is very reasonable £0.77 or the equivalent in your country


So if you fancy a taste of what I write, as well as getting a fantastic book cover all for less than a price of a cup of coffee you might want to try ‘The Moonlight Dance’, you can download the ebook from Amazon.

For your ease i’ve put links to it from the Amazon sites in USA, UK and Australia

USA  =

UK =

Australia =



2 comments on “Spot Light on – The Moonlight Dance.

  1. Lisa W says:

    It really is a beautiful cover. After reading these stories, I definitely felt a certain compassion for Solomon. While he is still a perfectly horrific villain, worthy of fear and disdain, I now understand him a little better. At the end of the last story, I even had a “well, bless his heart” moment.

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