What have you sacrificed to write?

With a bank holiday fast approaching here in the UK, I was wondering what have fellow writers sacrificed to create their master pieces?

In the five years I’ve been writing I have happily sacrificed:


  1. Bank holidays –  I’ve spent four days before, locked away in the house just writing
  2. Weekends – Again whole weekends have come and gone where I have done nothing but write. Surviving on takeaway meals (Mmm Chinese) and soft drinks.
  3. Good Weather – The weather maybe glorious but I’ve sat inside with a laptop typing away.
  4. Television – I’ve gone a whole month, without watching TV. I just went to work, came home, showered and then wrote and I feel asleep.
  5. Sleep – Many times I’ve still been writing at 0300hrs
  6. Computer games – I cannot remember the last time I played ( to the end) a computer game
  7. Catch up with Friends – I’ve put off catching up with friends just to finish a chapter.

 However, there are something’s I will never ever sacrifice to the alter of Writing:


  1. A roasting hot 2 hour bath with a very large G&T (ice and slice of course)
  2. A Sunday walk by the river, in any weather conditions
  3. My girlfriend


Actually, looking back over the lists made me wonder what sadistic book critics sacrifice? Their souls?



2 comments on “What have you sacrificed to write?

  1. Harliqueen says:

    I agree with these, I have sacrificed a lot of free time and events for writing. But I do feel it’s worth it in the end 😀

    But yeah, there are definitely some things I would never give up.

  2. Lisa W says:

    I definitely remember a couple of times when you sent me something to proof, forgetting that it was also my holiday 🙂 but it’s something I enjoy, so I don’t mind.
    Sacrifice is inevitable, once writing gets in your blood. If you aren’t giving up other things for the chance to tell your stories, you are sacrificing the stories for the sake of other things. Glad your priorities are straight, though. The things that truly give you joy and peace should never be put aside.
    (Do critics have souls?)

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