A question for all authors out there. – an update.

First of all thank you for the huge number of ‘Likes’ : )

I was messaged by a lady asking for a little bit of help, and a bit of a longer explanation about what I meant about Tags and Categories.  

So here it goes.

Now I write Dark Fantasy – Please don’t hold that against me lol, I’m a normal bloke and do have a life. I just like writing Dark Fantasy.

One of my books ‘The Moonlight Dance’ (I’ll put the cover at the end –Saskia Schnell created a simply superb cover) was on Amazon under the following:

Fiction > Fantasy >Dark Fantasy

Fiction > Short Stories

And with the tags: Dance, moon, Solomon Pace, werewolf, magic.

I was not getting many sales (even when on promotion) and I could not work out why. It was then I tried to find the book without using the title or my name, and failed miserably.

That incident prompted my post and I have now totally changed almost everything.

If you go to the search bar on Amazon and use the drop down to select “Kindle Store” and then type  in ‘Dark Fantasy’ (don’t worry you will be quite safe) and press “Go”. You will notice down the left hand side tick boxes you can use to refine your search.

Those tick boxes (I think) are linked into the Tags. If you look down the list, there is no ‘Dance’ or ‘Moon’ or Magic. I was lucky to hit on ‘Werewolf’.

So I have now changed ‘The Moonlight Dance’ to the following:

Fiction > Fantasy> Dark Fantasy

Fiction > Horror

And use the tags: Vampire, werewolves, wizards, monster (which are all tick boxes that can be used to refine the search) and Solomon Pace (because he is my main villain / anti hero.

Hence hopefully, when readers search for a new book, my books will be among the ones they see.

In summary, when picking a category, check what the tick boxes are that can be used by that category to refine the search, use those as your tags, plus your own one or two.

I hope this helps


As promised at the start the cover of ‘The Moonlight Dance’





2 comments on “A question for all authors out there. – an update.

  1. That was an exercise in futility for me. My name doesn’t even show on their “see more” list of 9,000 authors. Must be part of their retaliation for my not letting them be the exclusive ebook-pusher when I published my novel.

  2. Harliqueen says:

    A great follow up, it’s such a confusing thing to get everything right 😀

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