The proposal

I first came across this when I was in the RAF in Germany (roughly 1995). Since then I have worked for a few organisation and all of them could be substituted into the following article.

                                                                                                                     The Proposal

First came the Proposal and then the Consultancy, and the lower ranks went to their Sergeants and said “This is a pile of shit and will badly damage morale”

The Sergeants went to the Flight Lieutenants and said “The men think that the proposal is a bucket of manure and will affect morale.

The Flight Lieutenants went to the Squadron Leaders and said “The proposal is full of that which aids growth and will greatly affect morale

The Squadron Leader went to the Group Captain and said “The proposal is a potent accelerator of growth and will be good for morale.”

The Group Captain went to Air Vice Marshal and said “The proposal will work better than we ever dared to think and it would greatly increase morale.”

The Air Vice Marshal was pleased and implement the Proposal, and there was woe and much sadness on the face of the lower ranks.


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