My first official rejection letter

Dear Alan,

Thank you so much for sending through the first chapters and synopsis of Echoes of a Storm.

I enjoyed what I read and thought it had some obvious strengths. Unfortunately, however, we have decided that it’s not quite what we’re looking for at the moment.

Given the large number of submissions we have received, we are unable to give feedback, but I‘d like to thank you again for thinking of us.

I wish you all the very best in your search for representation. I’m sorry not to be of more help in this instance.

Kind regards,

On the negative side – its a rejection letter. On the positive side – I got a reply : ).

I would have been super super lucky to get a “Yes” letter at the very start, so the letter has not disappointed me, in fact quite the opposite it has encouraged me to keep trying.

I believe in my stories and characters, and I know there is a market for them. I just need to find the man or woman in publishing who thinks the same.



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