The Narrator

For an audio book to work, you need three things:

a. A good story
b. Someone to bring that story to life
c. The ability to work together

I am extermely luckly to have Cari Scholten narrate the book,and bring the story and character to life.

So, that you can learn a little more about Cari and her work etc, i’ve asked her to provide me a couple of paragarphs that I can post here.

As i have said before, writing is a very anti social hobby. You disappear for days at a time, to bash away at a keyboard in the vain hope that someone will like what you have written 🙂

Its only after the writing process ends does it become a more interactive process. In my case, sending it to the wonderful Lisa W (hello Lisa) for proof reading and suggestions.

Asking the talented Saskia Schnell to design the cover.

Shoving copies under friends to give feedback.

That is where writing becomes extremely inter active and where some of the best future story lines come from.

However, i still had control over what went on and in the books.

That totally changes when you have to hand over your precious work to someone you hardly know and let them interperate it in their own way.

And that will be the subject of my next post. The differnce between working with people on book and an Audio Book.


#audiobook #audioeoas

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