About Me

Alan Scott was born and raised on the West Coast of Scotland, and returns regularly to top up his accent. He joined the RAF in 1989 and travelled the world, where he met the wicked and the witless, as well as the kind and thoughtful. He left in 2001.

Having been a lifelong avid reader of dark fantasy and good (really bad) pulp fiction, he finally decided to conquer his dyslexia and try writing his own, using his treasured homeland and love of music for inspiration.

With the help of a proofreader in Texas, USA, and an illustrator from Berlin, Germany, he has created ‘The Storm Series’, which currently consists of a trilogy of novels and two books of short stories. He is fan-friendly and welcomes all comments and reviews of his work. Search Facebook for Echoesofastorm for his homepage.

Alan’s greatest writing achievement so far is to have one of stories “Deadly Tap of a Cane” chosen by WorldReader for use by them. This charitable organisation (http://www.worldreader.org) aims to help spread ebooks and literacy in developing countries. The way they work is that they take tablets and kindles and they load them up with ebooks and learning materials, and then they send them to schools in developing countries. They’re a really great organisation and are backed by all the big publishing houses.

He still cannot help but smile when he sees that his work has been downloaded in as faraway places as Japan and Brazil. Alan is currently working on another book of short stories for the Storm Series.

You can find his books on Amazon by searching “the storm series alan scott” or visit his website http://www.alankscott.com

2 comments on “About Me

  1. Hey, just wanted to let you know I’ve nominated you for a Liebster Award… I’ve nominated blogs I enjoy reading and do so regularly. Here’s the link to follow… http://wp.me/p4sNgQ-2x

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