The cover to my new book – A Kingdom Falls – which is out now

My new book is now currently available on Kindle on Amazon. Once again the wonderful Saskia Schnell has created a marvellous and atmospheric cover.

Below is the book description and cover

“Queen Rebecca Rothgal is under immense pressure as the Twin Kingdoms slide into turmoil. The cost of rebuilding from the previous devastating war has almost bankrupted the kingdom. Bandits freely roam the lands. Packs of werewolves are destroying farms and small villages. The Queen’s own cousins are plotting her downfall.

To make matters worse, a new prophecy is sweeping the land – a prophecy that foretells the return of the Midnight Man and his malevolent plan to plunge the land into darkness.

However, there are whispers spoken among a select few – whispers of a man who will take a stand and deny the darkness – a man who will hold the line and stop the evil – a man whose name is spoken in awe by those that follow him… Mancer!”

A kingdom Falls


Tea – A Most Unusual Short Story

By far my most successful short story has to be “Tea”, as it has been downloaded from Amazon just under 1’000 times around the world including USA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, UK, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Japan, Australia and India.

For 4 days in Nov 13 it held the No. 1 position in Free > Fiction > Short Stories in Japan (sold through Amazon)

For 2 days in Oct 14 it held the No.1 position in Free> Kindle Store > Books > Gay & Lesbian > Fiction > Horror in the UK (Sold through Amazon)

And currently its No. 11, in the UK, in the Amazon charts for Kindle Store > Books > Gay & Lesbian > Fiction > Horror

This most unusual short story always has the ability to confound me, as I am no too sure why it is so popular!

So what is it about? Simply put, the story of ‘Tea’ is about a six hundred year old werewolf having tea with a seventy year old gay tailor. However, that is just the story it’s not what the book is about

The book is about – Being old, living with the choices you make through your life, unusual friendships, family, being brave, hiding what you are from the world and loneliness.

So if you fancy something slightly different to read, why not try “Tea” you can read the first few pages for free on Amazon and make up your mind after that.


As always Saskia created a wonderful book cover
‘Tea’ is part of ‘The Storm Series’ set of books, which currently include a trilogy, three books of short stories and a number of promo stories. The ‘Storm Series is an adult, bittersweet, dark fantasy series that deals with relationships, loss, power, prejudice and ultimately, the true ‘monster’ that lurks inside of us.


A Year has passed. Blimey where has that gone?!

It was a year ago, when I started this blog to try and raise the profile of my self published books, and blimey hasn’t time flown by quickly, especially in the last five months, where real life overtook the writing of a fantasy one.

In that time frame – I’ve changed jobs, had seven kidney stones ( the seventh is still hiding away in my right kidney – the little blighter) been on holiday and enjoying a wonderful relationship with my girlfriend and her kids.

I think there is a direct correlation between being your relationship status and the amount of writing you can do : ) When your in a relationship suddenly Saturdays and Sunday afternoons are no longer available for writing, nor are most week day evenings. However, I have managed to still write and self publish my ninth book in Jan 15, which will be called “When a Kingdom Falls”

Whilst looking forward, I am also going to look back, to my first novel “Echoes of a Storm”  as I am still in awe of Saskia Schnells’ fantastic book cover. I still remember as it slowly revelled itself on the computer screen (I have a very slow connection) and thinking “Wow, that is perfect.”  I can’t wait to see what Saskia will produce for “A Kingdom Falls.” : )

All my work can be found on Amazon simply search for  “The Storm Series Alan Scott”



A Storm Filled Night

A Storm Filled Night

‘Stories for a Storm Filled Night’, consists of nine short stories set within the dark fantasy world of ‘The Storm Series’, these tales add additional background to characters and events within the trilogy

Among the stories is one called ‘Tea’ which for 4 days in Nov 13 held the No. 1 position in Free > Fiction > Short Stories in Japan (sold through Amazon)

The full list of stories within the book are:

A Firm Hand – Just over 7’000 words
The Agreement – Just over 6’500 words
Jennifer, Nathanial, Twever, & Ardo Go on an Adventure – Just over 7’500 words
Brethren of the Night I – 2’000 words
Brethren of the Night II – 3’000 words
The Chestnut Murders – Just under 10’000 words
Wife – Just over 8’000 words
Tea – Just over 5’500 words
A Dark and Hungry Storm – Just over 6’500 words

The cover for – The Y Front Chronicals

The cover for - The Y Front Chronicals

‘The Y Front Chronicles’ is set in the year 3256, and is the diary of a born killer, hiding on-board a cruising Star Ship, deep in space.

The diary details his nine month stay on the Star Ship, his thoughts on his past, present and future, his lovers, his hamster, daytime TV, the adult film industry, and his constant search for a pair of comfortable underwear.

This darkly humoured book is dedicated to all the people who have felt far from home, lonely, out of place, without purpose and out time.

The cover for my short story – When Ardo Met Ozzy

The cover for my short story - When Ardo Met Ozzy

When Ardo Met Ozzy is a very short promo story.

Like all of my short promo stories, it links in with my two novels Echoes of a Storm and Scions of the Storm. However, can be read as a standalone story.

When Ardo Met Ozzy features Ardo. For those of you who don’t know who Ardo is, I have put a quick pen picture below.

Ardo is a large four-legged invisible creature. He is owned, if that is the correct word, by Twever, whom Ardo likes to call “the Idiot”. Since no one except Twever (and one other person) can see Ardo, there is some debate as to what type of creature he is. Some people think he is dog, while others say he is more cat-like. When asked, Twever just says, “He looks like an Ardo!!”

Ardo’s hobbies are: getting his ear scratched as much as possible, watching people have sex – he likes the faces they make – and killing small fluffy woodland creatures.

The book is very much a nod and a wink at wildlife/ nature programmes and certain popular erotic novels.

The cover of my book – The Moonlight Dance

The Cover of my book  - The Moonlight Dance

This book consists of three interlinked short stories all featuring ‘The Storm Series’ favourite villain Solomon Pace.

For the fans of Solomon Pace, these three tales will show a different side to Solomon character and reveal more of his hidden past.

For those new to the series, you will met one of my most complicated and least understood characters. The question hanging over him has always been – “Solomon Pace – Cold-blooded killer? Depraved evil sadist? A man just trying to make his way in the world? Or just deeply misunderstood?

The book is dedicated to all those woman who like their men to have a hint of wickedness and vulnerability to them, and have always wanted to dance a waltz in the moonlight.