How to get the Fantasy Novel “Echoes of a Storm” in both Kindle and Audio Format in the USA or UK From Amazon For Less Than a Price of a decent Cup of Coffee

I want people to read “Echoes”, and hopefully the rest of the Storm Series, and you really do need to hear the highly talented, American voice actress Cari Scholtens, who voices the Audio edition.
So when I discovered three cheap way for you to buy both or either I thought I would share . Please note this only works in the USA and UK.
The first way – You already have ‘Echoes’ on Kindle
If you have already bought the Kindle edition of ‘Echoes of a Storm’ then because of the Whispersync from Amazon you can buy the Audio version for only £2.99. that’s a huge saving of £16.40 on the audio version. Simply go to ‘Echoes page’ and click on Audio book.
The second way – You own neither.
If you own neither, then simply buy the Kindle edition first (remember you can download the Kindle app onto most devices) in the USA this will cost you $1.29 in the UK it will cost £0.99.
Then once you have down loaded the Kindle version. Simply go back and buy the audio for the reduced price. In the UK this means that you can get both for £3.98.
The third way – you just want the Audio version.
If you have never used Audible before then you can sign up for a 30 day free trail and use one of your two free books choices to pick “Echoes of a Storm”. But don’t forget to cancel before the 30 free days are up.
So, grab a copy of ‘Echoes’ now. sit back with a coffee and a muffin and either read or listen to a fantastic story.
I hope you enjoy

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Just as well that I am not superstitious.

Just as well that I am not superstitious.

I’ve just noticed that in the UK on Amazon, my novel  “Echoes of the Storm”:

a. Has 13 reviews
b. is 666 in Dark Fantasy (kindle)
c. is 666 in Low Fantasy (kindle)


The cover to my new book – A Kingdom Falls – which is out now

My new book is now currently available on Kindle on Amazon. Once again the wonderful Saskia Schnell has created a marvellous and atmospheric cover.

Below is the book description and cover

“Queen Rebecca Rothgal is under immense pressure as the Twin Kingdoms slide into turmoil. The cost of rebuilding from the previous devastating war has almost bankrupted the kingdom. Bandits freely roam the lands. Packs of werewolves are destroying farms and small villages. The Queen’s own cousins are plotting her downfall.

To make matters worse, a new prophecy is sweeping the land – a prophecy that foretells the return of the Midnight Man and his malevolent plan to plunge the land into darkness.

However, there are whispers spoken among a select few – whispers of a man who will take a stand and deny the darkness – a man who will hold the line and stop the evil – a man whose name is spoken in awe by those that follow him… Mancer!”

A kingdom Falls

A Kingdom Falls – The music

As most of you know I use music a lot when writing, and whilst writing “A Kingdom Falls” So if you fancy a musical taste of what “A Kingdom Falls” is going to be like you could try listening to

Sisters of Mercy – This Corrosion (the video below)

Sirenia – At Sixes and Seven

Sirenia – Sister Nightfall

Within Temptation  – what have you done ( a brilliant video by the way)


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The eBook version of “Stories for a Storm Filled Night” is now free offer for the next 5 days via Amazon

This is the just a quick post to say if you fancy trying one of my ebooks for free,  I ‘ve just placed “Stories for a Storm Filled Night” on a free offer on Amazon for the next 5 days .

Stories for a Storm Filled Night is a book of short stories and within it you will find the following tales

A Firm Hand

Takes place twenty years before the events in “Echoes of a Storm.”

I will come clean at the start and say I had great trouble writing this story because of the subject matter, In fact I nearly binned it twice, but in the end, I decided to finish it and add it to the collection. However, be warned it’s not a nice story, it’s not meant to be.

The Agreement

Takes place roughly three years before the events in “Echoes of a Storm.”

I always wondered what it would be like if Nathanial West, The Midnight Man and Red Claw sat down and talked. This tales tells the story of the time they did that. It also is the first story to feature King Hamish Peterson.

Jennifer, Nathanial, Twever, & Ardo Go on an Adventure

Takes place roughly two years before the events in “Echoes of a Storm.”

I wrote this story for a number of reasons, but mainly because I missed writing Twever. It does  however, give a lot of insight into these four characters and the early days of their friendships.

Brethren of the Night I & II

I had to include these two short promotional stories, when I realised that without them the next story would not make any sense.

The Chestnut Murders

Takes place during the events in “Echoes of a Storm.”

I have always wanted to go back and write about the Chestnut Murders as mentioned in “Echoes.” and this gave me the perfect chance. I already knew who the two main characters were going to be – Captain John Hughes and Jack Sorenson – as they were already mentioned in “Echoes”. The real question was – who was going to be the murderers and how did John and Jack catch them?


Takes place during “Scions of The Storm”

I wanted to give a bit more detail on the Siege of Idris and decided to write the events through the eyes of John Hughes Wife Alice. I think it adds a different element to the story.


Takes place twenty five years after the Siege of Idris

I wrote this story for Lisa W from Texas USA to thank her for all the help she has given me. It features two characters that without Lisa, would be dead and would not exist. Samuel Cregg and Shadow Killer.

A Dark and Hungry Storm

The final story in my book of short stories.

Quite simply this is the Prelude and the first chapter of Book three of “The Storm Series” Trilogy.

You can find the book by searching Amazon for “The Storm Series Alan Scott”

If you do download it for free (and I hope you will) could I kindly ask that you leave an honest review on Amazon. Reviews are the life blood of Self Publishers and all reviews (good and bad) are greatly received.

Thank you


A Storm Filled Night

A Storm Filled Night

Female Characters in Fantasy Novels

In ninety percent of Fantasy and Sci-fi books, there only ever seem to be three types of heroine:

1. The one that screams a lot, needs to be rescued a lot, and whose hair and fingernails are always perfect.
2. The five-foot nothing, smart sassy one, who, with a suitable quip, can kill five hundred heavily-armed and armoured six-foot deadly killers in two seconds flat.
3. The muscle-bound broadsword wielding one who will happily do battle in a skimpy chainmail bikini, regardless of the weather conditions or practicality.

There is nothing wrong with any of the above, and many good books include them; however, I wanted to write my female heroes as, well… real woman. So, I looked at fictional characters – such as Judy Dench’s “M” in the James Bond films, real life characters such as Margaret Thatcher, and various women that I know – to be my inspiration.

Queen Alexandra Peterson – My Female Hero

The Early Years

Not a lot is known about the early years of Alexandra. All we really know is that she was forced into an arranged marriage at a young age to King Hamish Peterson, who once famously said, “If I can’t fight it or romance it, I’m not interested in it” (or words to that effect). Although King Hamish was not deliberately cruel or aggressive to his Queen, Alexandra felt alone and unloved in her marriage as her husband waged war, hunted, and claimed his royal prerogative on the willing women of the kingdom.

Because of her husband’s behaviour, Alexandra had a brief affair with her bodyguard, Nathanial West. As a result of that affair, she fell pregnant. Luckily, King Peterson thought Alexandra was pregnant via him and the resulting daughter, Princess Kathleen, was raised as his heir.

King Peterson then died from plague, leaving an unprepared Alexandra widowed and Kathleen seemingly fatherless.

To Be a Queen

With the death of her husband, Alexandra had to learn quickly. She was a single mother ruling a small kingdom in a violent and dangerous world. By necessity, ‘duty to daughter and realm’ became the basis of her reign as Queen, which she firmly ingrained in her daughter’s education and everyday life.

Being a widowed Queen, there were many suitors trying to claim her hand in marriage. It was while she was trying to fend off these unwanted attentions that she first showed the steel within her – by unleashing her Dev’ver bodyguard, Nathanial West, in his werewolf form upon an aggressive suitor (see the short story ‘A Mere Woman’ in Tales of Solomon Pace for full details).

Echoes of a Storm

At the start of the book ‘Echoes of a Storm’, we find Alexandra having just survived an assassination attempt on her life and the life of her daughter. This attack causes her to make a hasty decision that comes back to haunt her later on in the book.

Throughout the novel, Alexandra shrugs off her youthful ideas and becomes a powerful and confident woman, a determined Queen who can protect her daughter and kingdom from the evils of the world. This determination to protect her daughter leads to the dramatic ending of the book.


I have tried to write Alexandra as a real woman who does not need to be rescued every five minutes, does not wear skimpy outfits, and uses her assassins, armies, and generals to fight her battles, but does not shy away from using a sword or knife in defence of her daughter and kingdom.

My hope is that I have written a strong female character in a fantasy setting to whom women can relate to and empathise with.