I’ve just had a lovely review for my short story ‘Tea’ on Amazon

I’ve just had a lovely review for my short story ‘Tea’ on Amazon,

5.0 out of 5 stars FANTASTIC BOOK 13 Mar 2014
Format:Kindle Edition
 Such an amazing book- so interesting story! So well written and such a creative mind! A definite must buy! Well done Alan Scott- I’m a big fan!
Its also currently (in the UK) Amazon Bestsellers Rank: #62,749 Paid in Kindle Store (See Top 100 Paid in Kindle Store)
I’m sitting here with a huge grin : )

A Winters Daydream

It’s just gone seven thirty in the morning.

I sit at my desk and gaze out my office window, into the dark and wet December morning, and watch the rain dancing wildly in the small lakes that have formed in the holes in the road.

I refocus my eyes and see the every-changing streams of water flowing down the cold glass pane. They captivate me as I follow their chaotic paths and time starts to have no meaning.

Then, from the early morning gloom, a monster roars, its blazing eyes startle me back into the land of the fully awake. A truck races down the road smashing through the puddles, causing the water to fly free from its prison. In the wake of the machine, the rain quickly fills the potholes and starts its manic dance again.

I shake my head and pinch the bridge of my nose. A half heard tune on the radio suddenly makes me smile. It reminds me of you. Suddenly I can smell the fragrance of your hair, the touch of your fingertips and the taste of your lips. I reach out for my mug of tea as I close my eyes and think about your face; my beautiful princess.

The ballad finishes. I open my eyes.

Looking at my computer and keyboard, I place down my untouched mug and stretch my fingers as I prepare to do battle from my office tower.

The Y Front Chronicles – How it got its name.

 I have been asked by a number of people – “Alan, why on earth did you call your Sci –fi book ‘The Y Front Chronicles’?
The answer to that is rather complicated and mildly interesting!  Below is the short easy version…though still mildly interesting!
‘Y Fronts’ came about because of the webpage – Readwave.com.  My short stories were getting good reviews and had just become a Star Reviewer on Readwave, so I wanted to write some quick and easy that could be made up of instatements.
The idea of writing in a diary format sprang to mind, quickly followed by the idea of setting it in the year 3256. But whose diary would I be writing?  Immediately the world ‘Killer’ entered my mind.
So, next I had to work out the actual story.
The story of ‘Y Fronts’ is about a man who is lost, lonely and feels out of place within his new environment.  Having served in the RAF for 12 years (as a caterer), it was a feelings I could strong relate to. The military has its own language, rules and ways of doing things and you know where you fit in.
When I left and went to work for the Council, it was a huge shock to the system and I found it very difficult to fit in. They worked differently, they talked differently, they could not relate to my past experiences and I could not relate to theirs.
It took me almost a year, to learn to be a Civilian again, and talking to fellow ex-military colleagues and friends, I discovered that they too found it very difficult to adjust to the “Real World” that lay outside the camp gates. I wanted to get this feeling of being out of touch with the “Real World” in my character.
I also wanted the Diary to be written by a military man with an average educational background. I wanted the reader to feel that they were actually reading a ‘Real’ Diary not a beautifully formatted perfectly flowing and well penned diary of a person with an honours degree in English.
The next problem was to make the journal seem real, I did this by putting in daft little bits about day to day life, and one of the daft little bits I put in was that he needed to get some new underwear as his old ones had holes in them.
For some unknown reason, the women who read this on Redwave loved the fact that he was search for the perfect pair of underwear, and it became a running theme that ends with the jet black and gold Y Fronts.
Anyway, I needed a name for the book.  I came up with a number or names – “The Space Killer Diary” and “The Chronicles of a Mass Killer” are two, I will actually admit too, the rest were even worse.
I was staring at a blank page when the words “The Y Front Chronicles” slowly took form in front of my eyes. That was it, that was my title. So that is why the book is called what it is – Because of a slightly warped sense of humour and staring at a blank screen for 30 minutes.

The cover for – The Y Front Chronicals

The cover for - The Y Front Chronicals

‘The Y Front Chronicles’ is set in the year 3256, and is the diary of a born killer, hiding on-board a cruising Star Ship, deep in space.

The diary details his nine month stay on the Star Ship, his thoughts on his past, present and future, his lovers, his hamster, daytime TV, the adult film industry, and his constant search for a pair of comfortable underwear.

This darkly humoured book is dedicated to all the people who have felt far from home, lonely, out of place, without purpose and out time.

The cover for one of my short stories – “Tea”

The story of ‘Tea’ is about a six hundred year old werewolf having tea with a seventy year old gay tailor. However, that is just the story it’s not what the book is about.

The book is about – Being old, living with the choices you make through your life, unusual friendships, family, being brave, hiding what you are from the world and loneliness.

‘Tea’ is taken from a book of short stories called ‘Stories for a Storm Filled Night’, and is the most successful of my short stories released under their own cover. It has been downloaded just under 700 times around the world including USA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, UK, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Japan and India.

For 4 days in Nov 13 it held the No. 1 position in Free > Fiction > Short Stories in Japan (sold through Amazon)

‘Tea’ is part of ‘The Storm Series’ set of books, which currently include a trilogy, three books of short stories and a number of promo stories. The ‘Storm Series is an adult, bittersweet, dark fantasy series that deals with relationships, loss, power, prejudice and ultimately, the true ‘monster’ that lurks inside of us.

The cover of my novel – Tales of Solomon Pace

The cover of my novel - Tales of Solomon Pace

Solomon Pace – Cold-blooded killer? Depraved evil sadist? A man just trying to make his way in the world? Or just deeply misunderstood? Of all my characters, Solomon Pace has to be one of the most complicated, but least understood.

In the “Storm Series” novels, he is always in the shadows, manipulating people and situations, and when he does come into the light, it is only to perform some dastardly deed before returning back into the inky gloom to continue his plotting.

With ‘Tales of Solomon Pace’ I knew straight away that I wanted to delve deeper into the background of the man and to give the reader glimpses of Solomon’s past. To that end, I’ve produce a range of stories which will show different aspects of Solomon Pace, and give the reader additional insight to this very complicated and intriguing character.

The cover for my short story – When Ardo Met Ozzy

The cover for my short story - When Ardo Met Ozzy

When Ardo Met Ozzy is a very short promo story.

Like all of my short promo stories, it links in with my two novels Echoes of a Storm and Scions of the Storm. However, can be read as a standalone story.

When Ardo Met Ozzy features Ardo. For those of you who don’t know who Ardo is, I have put a quick pen picture below.

Ardo is a large four-legged invisible creature. He is owned, if that is the correct word, by Twever, whom Ardo likes to call “the Idiot”. Since no one except Twever (and one other person) can see Ardo, there is some debate as to what type of creature he is. Some people think he is dog, while others say he is more cat-like. When asked, Twever just says, “He looks like an Ardo!!”

Ardo’s hobbies are: getting his ear scratched as much as possible, watching people have sex – he likes the faces they make – and killing small fluffy woodland creatures.

The book is very much a nod and a wink at wildlife/ nature programmes and certain popular erotic novels.