Tea II is on free promotion on Amazon

My short story “Tea II” is on free promotion on Amazon for the next five days. If you have never read any of my stuff, here is your chance to try it for free

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Tea II

Tea II


The Storm Series – The end

With the publication of “Tales of Salvation and Damnation” I have finally finished the Storm Series, a project I started just over six years ago.

 It’s actually a very bitter sweet moment. On one hand I have had done what I set out to do, which was to write dark fantasy tales aimed at adults, whose plotlines and story arc’s reflected the audience they were aimed at.

However, now it’s finished, I will miss writing Twever the Magnificent and Ardo and the chaos they create, I will miss writing the deep pain that hide behind the arrogance of Solomon Pace, or the struggle of Nathanial West trying to be the best father he could whilst battling the beast and devil within him.

I can honestly say that I am now a far better writer than I was when I started the series, and that I have learned a lot about myself, writing and the need to keep notes, lots of notes, as you write; especially as your character list grows!!!

The question I have been asked the most is – “What is the Storm Series about?” the simple answer is “Relationships” but that is only the simple answer, you will have to read the books for the full and complicated answer.

So what next? Well I need to finish the “Y front” series (that’s my sci-fi books) and I have a couple more ideas for various books.

I suppose I will just have to put Pen to Paper and see what happens : )



The Storm Series consist of:

Echoes of a Storm – Novel

Scions of the Storm – Novel

A Dark and Hungry Storm – Novel

Tales for a Storm Filled Night – Book of short stories

Tales of Solomon Pace – Book of short stories

Tales of Salvation and Damnation – Book of short stories

 The Moonlight Dance – Book of 3 stories


All available from Amazon – Search for “The storm series Alan Scott”

“Tales for a Storm Filled Night” is on Free Promotion Between 15 and 19 Jan 14

I have decided to place the Kindle version of  “Tales for a Storm Filled Night” on free promotion via Amazon, between the 15 and 19 Jan 14

‘Stories for a Storm Filled Night’, consists of nine short stories set within  the dark fantasy world of ‘The Storm Series’, these tales add additional background to characters and events within the trilogy

Among the stories is one called ‘Tea’ which for 4 days in Nov 13 held the No. 1 position in Free > Fiction > Short Stories in Japan (sold through Amazon)

The full list of stories within the book are:

A Firm Hand – Just over 7’000 words
The Agreement – Just over 6’500 words
Jennifer, Nathanial, Twever, & Ardo Go on an Adventure – Just over 7’500 words
Brethren of the Night I – 2’000 words
Brethren of the Night II – 3’000 words
The Chestnut Murders – Just under 10’000 words
Wife – Just over 8’000 words

Tea – Just over 5’500 words
A Dark and Hungry Storm – Just over 6’500 words.

This was my first attempt at book of short stories and although I am happy with all of them, its not until Brethren of the Night I does the really book come into its own. 

If you do fancy downloading the book, I have attached the  link to the Uk site http://www.amazon.co.uk/Storm-Filled-Night-ebook/dp/B00B4YTUIY/ref=sr_1_8?ie=UTF8&qid=1389791908&sr=8-8&keywords=the+storm+series+alan+scott

If you are outside the UK then just search your Amazon site for “The Storm Series Alan Scott” and click on the book.

I hope you enjoy