A Good Book Needs a Good Villain – Part two

My next villain from the Storm Series Trilogy is the Midnight Man. Now is Solomon Pace is a James Bond type of Villain, then the Midnight Man is the polar opposite he is the Villain nightmares are made of.

The Midnight Man

The following extract is taken from “Scions of the Storm” and shows the Midnight Man at his worst. Please note that in the extract the Midnight Man is going by the name Tom.

“…With his hands in his pockets, Tom wandered aimlessly among the trees until he heard a ‘meow’ coming from up ahead.  Slowly and quietly, he made his way to the sound and spotted a small cat.

“Here, Puss-Puss,” Tom called, “here, Puss-Puss.”

The cat made its way to Tom and started to purr as he knelt down to scratch its ear.  Tom laughed with pleasure as the cat rubbed itself against him and flung itself on its back.

“There you go, Puss-Puss,” said Tom as he rubbed the cat’s belly.  The cat’s paws raked Tom’s hand.  Tom snatched his hand away and looked down at the cat, his face suddenly cold.  His hand was like a blur as he grabbed one of the cat’s legs and broke it.

The cat screamed in agony and tried to get away.  Tom’s hand shot out again and he broke another leg.  As he watched the cat and the great pain it was in, tears started to flow down his cheeks.  He tenderly stroked its small face with a gentle finger.  “Such pain,” he said quietly, his face a perfect picture of empathy.

“Oscar!  Oscar!”

Tom raised his head and saw two young children, a boy and a girl, coming towards him as they shouted out together, “Oscar!  Oscar!”


Tom looked down at the pain-stricken cat.  “Oscar?”

The cat gave a small and pitiful cry.

Standing, Tom brushed off his trousers and made his way towards the children with a playful smile. “Ah children; they will be much more fun that a cat,” he mused….”

So there you have it, villains love them or hate them you have to have them in a book, Otherwise who is going to make the hero look good?



A Good Book Needs a Good Villain – Part one

Let’s face it Hero’s are boring. They are boring to write and boring to read and no matter how much you try and making them dirty it never quite works (I’m thinking Superman here)

However, the Villain’s they are never boring and as a writer you can have great fun with them.

I’ve been lucky and managed to sneak in two villains into my trilogy. They are:

Solomon Pace

Now Solomon Pace would make an excellent James Bond Villain he is that sort of villain . As the extract from “Tales of Solomon Pace” shows

“…Alex started to drag himself along the floor.

“Would you just stay put?”  Solomon clicked his fingers again.

Alex once again screamed as his left wrist fractured.

“Just stay where you are.  Trust me; it will be a lot less painful for you.”

“What…what …are you going to do with me?” managed Alex.

“I gave that a lot of thought last night.  There is some good news and some not-so-good news, Alex.  The good news is that your family will be safe.  It would be a little boring and, to be frank, very lazy and a bit unimaginative as a punishment, if I hurt or killed them.”

“My family is safe?”

“Yes, I can promise you I will not harm a hair on their heads, as long as you behave.”

Alex managed a smile of relief.

“However, as for you, well, I had to find something that would punish you, yet reward you for being brave and loyal.  You will be glad to know that the answer came to me just before dawn.”

“What are you going to…Arrrgh,” started Alex.

Solomon shook his head as he clicked his fingers and shattered Alex’s right wrist.  “Do not interrupt me.  And stop screaming or I will break your ribs, one by one.”

Alex did his best to muffle his screams and, with fearful eyes, looked up at Solomon.

“Do not interrupt me again.  Do you understand?”

Alex nodded.

“Good.  Now, where was I?  Oh yes, your punishment.  You see, you have brought to my attention the fact that I have very little presence here in the furthest reaches of my land and I need to change that.  That is the wonderful beauty of my punishment for you; you will help me maintain a presence here in Westwood and the surrounding area.

You see, I am going to turn you into a Dev’ver.  I know you don’t know what a Dev’ver is, yet, so I am going to tell you.  Basically, I am going to turn you into a monster from your darkest nightmares.  Don’t worry, you will still look as you do now, but you will be able to turn into this monster at will, although there may be a small amount of pain involved during the transformation.  Anyway, the good news is that you will be able to heal very quickly and, if you ever get bandits again, you will be able to wipe them out without my help.

Now, the not-so-good news.  This creature will make you age very slowly, so you will watch your wife and children grow old before your eyes, while you will hardly change.

Gradually, at first, then quicker with each passing year, people will notice that you do not grow old.  They will become suspicious and wary of you and, after awhile, you will have to leave everything you care about and all the people you love because, if you don’t, these suspicious and wary people will attempt to kill you and destroy everything you care about.”

Solomon crossed his legs, swinging the topmost leg, casually.  ”Don’t think about suicide or moving away, either.  The creature I will put inside you will not allow you to commit suicide, and if I hear that you have moved away, then I will have to be very boring and obvious and destroy your family.

 I will, of course, make sure your wife will be violently and repeatedly violated in the most brutal of manners.  As for your son and daughter?  Well, let’s just say they will pray for death for many years before what’s left of their ruined bodies and minds finally and mercifully die.”

Alex looked at Solomon in disbelief.  “I just wanted to protect my village,” he whispered.

“And you did it,” said Solomon.  Standing up, retrieving his cane, and grasping the handle firmly, he pulled sharply to reveal a slender, but strong, steel blade.  “Congratulations, I’m sure that the villagers will remember that fact for a long time.”  Solomon walked towards Alex.  “Now, there is going to be some slight pain.”

“I just wanted to protect my village,” repeated Alex as he watched Solomon advance towards him…”

 In part two we will look at the Midnight Man

House of Cards – FU has a private word with you

I have a very soft spot for good, well written and well acted villains, and there are few better than Scottish actor Ian Richardson as the Machiavellian Tory politician Francis Urquhart.

It was the way that Ian Richardson would turn to you [The audience] and tell you his thoughts simply made the series.

And who can forget Sir Francis Urquhart famous chat phrase – “You may think that, but I could not possibly comment.” Delivered in that wonderfully dry and slightly bored way.

Its this sort of realism and wickedness that I want to get in my villain’s in my books.